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Local landfills are an important link in our chain of responsible environmental solutions.

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We do everything we can to divert your waste from landfill. But the fact is, some materials are not reusable.

That’s why we operate 30 local landfills in North America and strive to make them as progressive as possible.


  • Where possible, we capture the energy from landfill gas and use it to power industrial facilities, heat homes and fuel our collection vehicles.
  • We equip our landfills with the latest technology, including systems that collect and remove leachate for treatment and monitor groundwater quality.
  • We use landfill covering and special infill strategies designed to maximize their useful life.

And each one is expertly engineered and managed to protect the environment, serve the community as a responsible neighbor and meet the highest standards of care required by local, state, provincial and national regulators.

Landfills may be the solution of last resort, but they can still be progressive in serving you and the world around us.

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