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To meet the waste removal needs of your green building construction site, we start by understanding one thing: your goals.

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No two building or remodelling projects are exactly alike. Building materials, safety procedures and access points are all unique to the site under construction.

That’s why we specialize in providing regular and on-demand collection services that meet the precise needs of green building projects.

  • Our pick up schedules and frequencies are designed to work for you by our local experts.
  • Our collection fleet includes trucks outfitted with route management technology and cameras that make them ideal for accessing your property safely and efficiently – and many are powered by clean-burning alternative fuels such as natural gas.
  • Our reporting systems mean that when material leaves your site, you will know exactly how much was diverted from landfill – so you can comply with LEED® standards.
  • Our bins come in sizes and styles suitable for different building materials and stages of construction.

We provide on-the-ground advice to help you select the size and type of container that works for your project site and waste streams.

We constantly reinvest to keep our bins looking great and operating in peak condition.

And we have the local collection and recovery systems to divert your construction debris, and document that diversion so you stay on side LEED® requirements.

To learn why we are the Progressive choice for waste removal on green building projects in your area, enter your zip or postal code.

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