Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Adler Group

The Adler Group is a multi-tenant, full service real estate developer, managing more than 7.4 million square feet of property, primarily in Florida and the southeastern United States.

Well known and respected for its high standards, Adler is growing rapidly and sees waste management as a core responsibility and an opportunity for continuous improvement.

Progressive Waste Solutions serves 10 Adler-managed properties and our relationship began after Van L. Antle, Director of Operations, saw a presentation we made on recycling during a municipal training seminar. “We were very interested in the green effect, but it’s hard to make recycling work well in multitenant buildings. When I saw the (Progressive Waste Solutions) presentation, and the simplicity of its approach, it was just like a light bulb went off. I said ‘That’s the company that’s going to make it work’.”

Subsequent discussions led the Progressive Waste Solutions team to conduct a waste audit for Adler properties, prepare a recycling presentation that Adler gave to its tenants and launch a program that is achieving high diversion rates. “It really turned out well for us. Our tenants love it, we have achieved a six out of seven energy star rating because of recycling and energy efficiency in our buildings and we save money. As we grow and as we acquire properties, we intend to keep doing this; it’s the Adler way.”

Letter of appreciation from the Calgary Hotel Association

Jon Jackson, Executive Director of the Calgary Hotel Association, wrote to recognize the efforts of our Calgary team in the wake of the Southern Alberta Floods. Following the flooding, the bulk of the downtown core waste collection was coordinated through the Calgary Hotel Association, comprising 61 member hotel properties within Calgary.

In response to the letter, Dan Pio, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, said, “A true test of one's character is no more evident than during a crisis. Clearly, our Calgary District rose to the challenge. The strength of our company is our people and this is a great example of how our people make a difference each and every day.”

Read more about how Progressive Waste Solutions' Calgary District played a major role in the emergency and recovery efforts in the hardest hit areas of the June 2013 floods.