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Our first job is to remove hassles.

When you choose us as your environmental services partner, we make it our job to remove more than just waste and recyclables from your school system.

We strive to deliver hassle-free solutions for you every time out. We do that by:

  • Constantly upgrading our equipment with the latest safety, efficiency and environment-improving technologies such as route management systems, drive cams and alternative fuel engines.
  • Dispatching locally.
  • Providing sustainability ideas and the means to employ them.
  • We spare no expense in maintaining our broad inventory of bins so they look good, every time out.
  • Empowering our associates to deliver the industry’s most responsive and responsible service.

Let us show you the difference Progressive can make. Enter your zip or postal code to learn more about our collection services.

To find the containers that are right for the needs of your school district, enter your zip or postal code and connect to the Progressive team in your community. Because appearances do matter.

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