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We remove worries as well as garbage.

When the time comes to choose a new solid waste collection service for your neighborhoods, don’t just think “price.” Think “value.”

Value can be difficult to quantify, but it’s easy to recognize.

Value weighs such factors as dependability, efficiency, professionalism, service response, technical innovation and enhanced sustainability in addition to cost.  It mean considering the additional benefits new technologies have made possible, and then securing those benefits for your residents.

Progressive Waste Solutions offers automated collection services that reduce expenses, limit noise and virtually eliminate litter problems. In an automated collection program, we provide residents with wheeled waste and recycling carts that are compatible with our specially equipped curbside collection vehicles. Such standardization speeds collection while enhancing neighborhood aesthetics.

We use many tools to control our operating costs. These include computer-aided routing systems, automated collection vehicles and bottom-up management. Also, because we are one of North America’s largest environmental services companies, we have the leverage to buy equipment, fuel and other supplies in bulk, which leads to greater economies of scale, savings we can pass along to you.

Contact Progressive Waste Services today to learn how we can design a municipal waste collection program that meets – and exceeds – your municipal waste collection goals.

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