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Landfills play a critical role in helping our communities deal with the needs of today and the challenges of tomorrow.

A landfill is more than just a repository for unrecyclable waste. It’s a potential source of clean, renewable energy.

Always with one eye on the future, we design and operate our landfills to protect local water supplies and wildlife.

In addition, at many of our landfills, we have introduced technologies that capture naturally occurring landfill gas and convert it into useable natural gas to power local homes and businesses. In this way, we not only prevent the escape of dangerous greenhouses gases, but then turn these naturally occurring wastes into a renewable power source that supports local sustainability efforts.

Most of our landfills still have decades left in their useable life. But when they reach capacity, we will be able to convert them into parks, golf course or wildlife preserves that further enhance the local quality of life.

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