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Recycling Centers

Our recycling centers improve diversion rates for the communities we serve.

In the battle for sustainability, our recycling centers are on the front lines.

We operate dedicated recycling center, also known as materials recovery facilities (MRFs) across North America.

These facilities provide practical, frontline support for municipal recycling efforts. Our local recycling, materials recovery and processing facilities take your recyclable materials—paper, cardboard, bottles, metals and electronics—sort them, separate them and prepare them for reuse by third parties. We send only those materials we cannot recycle to landfills.

We try to provide MRFs close to the source of waste. Closer facilities mean transport trucks drive shorter distances, use less fuel and produce lower carbon emissions. We manage our facilities locally, staff them with knowledgeable associates, and invest in advanced sorting systems to make sure your materials are recycled quickly and efficiently.

For more information on how our recycling centers can support your community’s sustainability efforts, contact Progressive Waste Solutions today!

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