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Curbside Collection

Our first job is to remove hassles.

Curbside Collection

No one really likes putting out the garbage.

What’s worse is a driver who fails to empty your bins or an out-of-town dispatcher whose knowledge of your community is as in-depth as a satellite photo.

As homeowners ourselves, we know these frustrations, so we make it our mission to remove more than waste and recyclables.

We strive to deliver hassle-free solutions every time we visit your home.

We do that by:

  • Dispatching locally.
  • Investing heavily in local resources including advanced collection vehicles with safety, efficiency and environmental performance-improving technologies.
  • Empowering our local associates to provide the industry’s most responsive service.

This doesn’t mean we always get it right. But it does mean we are quick to put things right.

Let us show you the Progressive difference. Enter your zip or postal code to learn more about services in your neighborhood, including pick-up schedules.

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